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Friday, May 10, 2013

Locked till my birthday!

We've taken quite the hiatus I know, and I am sure no one is even really following this blog anymore. I can't blame them. But, in way of an apology, I will say I am sorry for keeping up with this the way I know I should have.

Our play dates kind of dried up for a long time and we took a long break to just be us for a while... We had a lot of family stuff to sort out and have had our playtime severely curtailed until just recently.

So now we are back on the bandwagon and with a vengeance. Donna, my beautiful and vivacious Hotwife, is back on the prowl for more creampies to feed her Kitty! And her Kitty could not be happier let me tell you!

The night I was freed, temporarily!
I am enjoying being Kitty again, perhaps even more so than I ever have. Madam Donna, as I now try my best to address her, has taken a keen interest in my training to become a better chastised, sissy, cuckold for her and I love it!

My new fitted bra! Love it!!!
She has had me locked for the last week solid, with only a couple of short escapes when she couldn't stand to not have someone live inside her... well okay, maybe I begged a lot for the first one. It had been three whole days at that point and she was fucking the hell out my pussy with her fingers and our largest toy, I was leaking like a sieve while she spanked my ass and I begged her to let me inside her. She was so hot that she did just that and I exploded like a volcano after only a few precious minutes.

The experience left me weak in the knees and only because of a noticed little abrasion was I not locked back up immediately. Though I was only out for the rest of the night and promptly locked up as soon as I woke up the next morning.

We've had one other session where she got so worked up herself she just took it upon herself to have me, which is of course her prerogative! I certainly wasn't going to complain. Once again I was allowed to sleep sans cage that night but again promptly locked up upon awakening. I am so happy.

I'm dressed like a complete tart right now and wishing I had some Real Man's Cock to fuck her and fill her up so I could clean her luscious pussy... of course I wouldn't mind a real cock in me right now either! Especially if she were here to film it for posterity!

I am locked till after the 21st now and I am hoping it doesn't come off for too long then quite honestly. I love being my Madam's Kitty, and I LOVE her being my Hotwife!

Right Now!

Anyway, here's hoping I can keep this up better this time. Madam has returned with breakfast and its time to go.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Been locked up since Tuesday!!!

Well I've been locked up since Tuesday full time and it looks as though it may extend through the next week too! This is the longest continuous lockup my wife has allowed so far. I think she is really opening up to the idea of keeping me locked up except when she wants to use or tease me. I am loving it!!!

Monday, August 9, 2010


Well time is ticking away, my wife and I were playing the other night and she agreed to new twist to our games. I have her a deadline to get a friend of hers from work in bed with her by the 27th of this month. He's a big black guy who she's been lusting after for a long time now. They had a quickie in his car one night after work but that was over a year ago and he's been playing hard to get ever since.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wow what a date!

My wife's date Monday night went off quite well. She had such a great time and so did I. It was so erotic watching her being pleased again by her boyfriend. He came by after work late Monday night and stayed for a couple of hours. It was non-stop sex the entire time. Donna looked amazing in her new panties, bra, and stockings that I took her to buy for her date. She was a vision of pure lust. She was wanting it rough from her friend and he did not disappoint.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Date tomorrow

My wife has a date again tomorrow night and I am so happy about it. She's starting up again with her friend Bob from work. I'll get to be there and watch the whole thing! Oh and clean up after of course!



Wednesday, July 14, 2010


It had been about two weeks since my wife and I had a chance to play when she text me from work and instructed me to be dressed and caged by the time she got home. I looked down at the clock and noticed that it was already almost time for her to be leaving and knew I had to hurry. I replied my standard answer to her commands, a simple Yes Mamm, and sprinted to the shower. It didn't take me long to get completely clean and shaved but somehow I managed. I was just finishing my makeup and was slipping my dress over my head when I heard the front door open. I knew I was going to be in trouble as I hadn't yet had time to put my cage on and so when the bedroom door opened I was still fumbling with it.
"I see you didn't comply with my wishes. You realize this is going to mean punishment." she said in a very matter of fact tone. There was no real anger in her voice it was just as if she was making an observation, like as if she was saying 'it's cold in here'. The absence of anger was worrisome.
"Assume the position Kitty." she said, again without any real emotion.

Sunday, July 11, 2010


The day started off good with the house all to own since the kids were gone to Grandmas for the weekend and I knew it would only be getting better when my wife woke me up with the click of the lock on my cage. The cb6000s held me in check and wouldn’t allow me to cum until she decided it was time. We hadn’t played with it in quite a while I had been missing it quite a bit to be perfectly honest. The way it kept me on edge all the time was extremely erotic. I loved pleasing her while I was locked up and she knew it.