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Friday, July 2, 2010


By Hotwife D

It’s a great night and we are having the time of our lives. It’s our fourth trip to Las Vegas, Sin City!

We both but on our party clothes and headed out to a hot bar on the strip.
We are sitting there having already had a few drinks. When I turn to my wonderful husband and said let’s play like we are single. To which he replies, “I'm game.” So I start flirting with him while checking out all the other men there for any prospective fun.

To get a better look I decide to take a walk around the room on the way to the lady's room. I am wearing a black corset top dress with a short fluffy skirt and some killer heals. It’s the kind of skirt that when you bend over the very bottom of my ass shows. My hubby loves that! And so do I, especially knowing the attention I am drawing from different men all around the bar.

I walked the same way back to my table, smiling at all the men on the way back. I stopped at the bar before I reached our table. While getting my drink at the bar I dropped my change so that I had to reach down and pick it up in the process showing off my ass to all those looking.

I get to the table and lean on the table to give my hubby a kiss and to expose myself again. My husband has been watching the show and slyly checking out which men seem to be the most interested. He starts telling me how hot I am and how many men are watching me wanting me. This is so exciting to the both of us. I walk over to stand by him but to his side so that the ones watching could see as my man rubs the back of my legs moving higher and higher. Pulling me towards him so that I am bent over to kiss him and he runs his hand across the bottom of my ass and then just a little higher showing more of my ass.

While it is pretty dim in the bar it seems that a couple of the men are seeing the show and liking it. Then my husband gets up and moves the bar stool for me to his side of the table having me take a seat there. While we are talking about seeing if we can get one or two of these men to fuck me back in the room, he notices that two of them have moved closer to our table to afford themselves a better view.

While we chat and hope for an active evening, he starts playing with my tits over my corset top. He then begins running his fingers across the top of my tits so that the dress is pushing up and out. He knows that it would not take much for them to pop out over the top of the dress. He has me so excited make me wet and wanting him so badly. He starts rubbing my legs teasing me even more and telling me how the two men are watching what we are doing. That only makes me even hotter! I love making men want me!

My hubby then pulls my leg towards him opening my legs up and rubbing the top of the leg closest to him further towards my inside thigh. He leans into my neck and tells me to look two tables down from us and smile. I do and see two very interested men watching us and they smile and lift their glasses to me. My hubby then tells me in my ear that he is going to go to the bar and for me to sit there with my legs apart and make sure they get a good view while he is gone. “Oh I will don't worry!” is my answer as he gets up.

While he is gone I continue to smile and flirt with the two men. Taking a piece of ice from my glass into my mouth and then to my fingers and I rub it all across my chest then letting the small piece fall down my cleavage then reaching down with my fingers to get it back pulling the top off my dress enough to show a quick peep of my nipples. Thank god the bar is too crowded for anyone to notice much if they aren’t looking for it!

The bar is set up so that some tables are taller than others. The two men are sitting at a lower table and we are at a higher one giving them a great view of every thing above and below the table. Realizing they have the perfect vantage point I reach down under the table and pull my skirt up high enough for them to see my g-string cover pussy. Both smile in appreciation.

My hubby comes back with our drinks and he sits down next to me and asks me if I am having fun. I smile, kiss him, and tell him that I am having a great time. I'm so hot and getting so wet putting on such a provocative show for these men. He reaches down under the table and pulls my leg up over his really showing off my panties now. He asks "Can I help you with this show?" with such a loving grin he then letting my skirt fall, but only so far, he puts his hand right on my pussy making me gasp and moan. He starts rubbing my pussy with his fingers through my panties. Once again I take a piece of ice and rub it on my chest letting it melt and run down my chest. My nipples are so hard I'm breathing hard and his hand is driving me crazy, I am on the edge. I tell my husband that he is going to make me cum. He just smiles and says I know then over the edge I go! Thank god for loud music or we’d surely have been arrested! When I settle down he suggests I go to the bathroom and freshen up only not come back with that wet g-string on, “We wouldn’t want you to catch a cold” he smirks. I smile and ask if I should drop them on their table. He just kisses me and tells me how much he loves his Hotwife. I go to the bathroom, coming back I see that the men have move to the booth table just below ours. They sure won't miss a thing sitting there. I walk up to the table smiling and just drop the g-string on the table as I pass by. As I walk away from their table I lift my skirt up just to show off. It’s so much fun being a Hotwife!

I sit back down pulling my skirt back up and draping my leg over my husband’s leg giving the men a full view of my smooth shaved pussy. This is all making my hubby very horny also and I can feel just how much as I reach into his lap and trace his hardness with my nails. He loves watching me be naughty so much, and of course loves watching me getting fucked even more. It is certainly looking like he might get his wish tonight.

Hubby reaches down under the table and starts running his fingers along my inner thigh closer and closer to my bare pussy. I love the way he teases me!
He is now touching my bare and truly wet pussy. I feel him at just the lips first and then starts going for my clit. My audience of two can't keep their eyes off the action. He has now worked me to frenzy with his loving fingers and I let my head fall back and begin to cum again.

While I'm in this state and to my soon to be surprise he has waved the men over to our table. When he lets me come down off the wave I am riding I realize they are both sitting with us now. One man sits right next to me and pulls my other leg up over his. I am now spread eagle under the table, which has caused my ass to move to the very edge of my stool. There I am crazy with lust and with three horny men and a pussy just waiting to be used. I feel the stranger start rubbing my leg that is draped across his getting bolder and bolder with his moves toward my pussy. My husband just sitting there is rubbing the other chatting away with the guys making small talk about how often they get to Vegas and whatnot, all the while knowing that I am so horny I would gladly let him lay me up on the table and fuck every last one of them and he is loving every minute of it.

Then I feel the strangers hand reach my pussy and he is rubbing, searching out every inch. Noticing this my hubby kisses me and says it is time for him to share he gets up telling the other man to come take his place and moves back to were the man had been sitting affording him the best view in the house.
He watches as they both play with my pussy as they pull my head from one the other and kiss me deeply driving me mad before taking turns inserting their fingers in my pussy driving me from orgasm to orgasm. It is all I can do not to scream and get us all in trouble then they decide to both put a finger in me at one time quickly followed by two each. Wow my mind is reeling and I am heading for the best orgasm of the night so far.
Then they are really getting into it fucking my spread pussy with four fingers and pounding it good. Thankfully the music is load and not every one hears the screams and moans coming from me as I cum over and over again all over their hands soaking the bar stool and the floor.
As I recover my senses my husband is standing at the table and says “I think we should move this party. Help the lady up and follow me.” As he gathers our drinks and leads our group out we all leave the bar together. I can’t believe it’s our first night in Vegas. This is going to be an amazing vacation.

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