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Wednesday, July 14, 2010


It had been about two weeks since my wife and I had a chance to play when she text me from work and instructed me to be dressed and caged by the time she got home. I looked down at the clock and noticed that it was already almost time for her to be leaving and knew I had to hurry. I replied my standard answer to her commands, a simple Yes Mamm, and sprinted to the shower. It didn't take me long to get completely clean and shaved but somehow I managed. I was just finishing my makeup and was slipping my dress over my head when I heard the front door open. I knew I was going to be in trouble as I hadn't yet had time to put my cage on and so when the bedroom door opened I was still fumbling with it.
"I see you didn't comply with my wishes. You realize this is going to mean punishment." she said in a very matter of fact tone. There was no real anger in her voice it was just as if she was making an observation, like as if she was saying 'it's cold in here'. The absence of anger was worrisome.
"Assume the position Kitty." she said, again without any real emotion.

Dropping the cage onto the bed behind me as I turned around I bent at the waist and laid my body out across the bed. She remained behind me and and I couldn't see what it was she was doing but I could hear. The sound was one I had come to loathe, she was removing my own belt from my jeans. 'I knew I should have put those I away' I thought to myself though I knew that she'd have just got into the drawer and got it out anyway if she wanted it. Better this than the paddle I also thought until I felt the first blow landing.

"One Mamm. Thank you Mamm." I cried out in pain and surprise, happy with myself that I had at least remembered to count.

The second and third blows that followed were also met with the appropriate response and she told me she was proud of me for having learned this much at least. I was proud of myself as well. The blows stopped after the third but she wasn't through with me yet.

"Okay Kitty seeing as you can't do something as simple as be ready for me when I get home I think we're going to have to try something new to motivate you." she said once again with a hint of anger in her voice.

Grabbing me by the collar of my dress she lifted me into a standing position and turned me to face her. Kissing me lightly on the cheek she told me to follow her and turned and headed into the bedroom. I followed closely behind, though unsteadily as I was still a bit wobbly on my heels, especially after a spanking.

Reaching the bedroom she began to undress slowly as I stood just inside the doorway and watched with rapt attention. She turned this way and that as she first kicked off her shoes and then dropped her skirt to the floor before stepping out of it. She was removing her shirt next and I noticed immediately that she was not wearing a bra. She sat down on the edge of the bed and pointed at the floor in front of her whilst dropping a pillow on the spot. She is so good to me.

I assumed the required position and knelt between her thighs and gazed lovingly up at her. She pulled a couple of pillows behind herself and lay back lifting her legs and putting them over my shoulders. Her ankles pulled me in and I began to lick at her sex like a starving man and she began to moan her appreciation for my efforts. No sooner than I parted her lips with my tongue was I gifted with a huge flow of cum from her divine pussy. I knew now why she didn't have her bra on and of course why she was home so quickly. She had been with one of her lovers again. I was in heaven. This woman held my entire being in the palm of hand and knew it. She giggled as she asked me to guess which one it was I was tasting.

"Michael" I answered, always knowing which she had by the taste was something she had already firmly schooled me in many, many times.

"Good girl." she cooed as I continued to drink from her as I did my very best to bring her to pleasure and to clean her thoroughly, "and I'll be getting some more again in a just a little while, Bob has asked me if he can come over tonight and I can't wait to feel him in me again."

I moaned into her and she knew I was relishing the idea.

"I don't think you should get too happy too fast there Kitty. I've been giving a lot of thought to your training and I think its time to move to a new level." as I continued my oral attention she continued to speak, "today I made a schedule up with my boyfriends to be able to spend a lot more time with them starting today."
"Today, as you've seen I've already been with Michael and I already told you that Bob will have me later tonight, and tomorrow Scott is going to get his turn. From now on though I'm going to be with Bob on Monday and Wednesday nights, Michael on Tuesday and Thursday nights, and Scott on Friday nights. I've decided to leave Saturdays and Sundays free for now, though I might decide to pick up a couple more guys at work that have caught my interest to fill that void. So my pretty Kitty that is going to leave you with only two days a week for now to try and get your needs filled. That is of course providing I don't need to recouperate from my week."

I wanted to interupt her and plead with her that we had talked about my being let out every time she was with one of her boyfriends and not when she wasn't but I thought better of it as she continued.

"You see, your idea that I should keep you locked up until I have been with one of my dates leaves me out in the cold for attention. You know I need a cock in me in order to get off properly and since you can't do that all locked up I need to fill that position. Since letting you out every day of the week seemed counter productive to me and makes the whole chastity thing rather pointless I decided to change up the game a little. Hope you don't mind." she said in a completely rhetorical manner.

"I didn't think you would. Now that I think about it, I will probably definitely need Saturdays to re-energize my batteries so Sunday will be your only day with a chance to be free. That freedom will come at price though. Would you like to hear it?" she asked.

"Yes Mamm." I replied in between licks as I knew better than to not answer a direct question.

"Good. You see I want to see things kept up better around here. The laundry, the dishes, the vacuuming, etc. With the kids back in school all day I don't see any reason why you shouldn't stay busy. So in addition to your duties in taking care of me while I am home I will expect all of these things to be kept up to my standards as well. Any slacking on your part will only serve to tell me that you do not want to be released that week and you will therefore stay locked. Seeing as I want you to enjoy your new position as my maid I've bought a new uniform for you and I expect it to be worn at all times while you are working. The kids leave for school at 7:30am and I get up at 8am to get ready for work. I expect you to be dressed by the time I am awake and to have my coffee ready as usual. The laundry will be the first thing you start with each day and then the vacuuming and then the kitchen. I will text you throughout the day to check on your progress and I want pictures sent to make sure you are doing a good job and of course still in your uniform." with that said she stood and pushed me down and out of her way and went to the closet and withdrew what was to be my new uniform.

A large box was laid out on the bed and she sat down next to it and stuck out her foot towards me. I took at as I knew I should and began kissing and licking it while also performing a well practised foot massage as she spoke.

"These are your new work things Kitty. The dress might be a little short but unless the UPS man shows up or something I don't think you'll have any real trouble, aside I guess from checking the mail. That's something else I want done each day. I'm tired of having to do it on my way home so you can go do that before the kids get home." she said as she laid out a perfectly picturesque pink french maids uniform along with pink ruffled panties, elbow length gloves, matching stockings, garter belt, and high heels. They all looked amazing and I was excited to wear them if not to being doing all that work.

"I saw when I came in that the vacuuming needs doing as well as the dishes so I'm going to give you a minute to change and then I want you to get started and I will instruct you if there are any mistakes." she said as she stood and walked out.

I began to change as quickly as I could and set out to begin my new career.

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